Town hall

The construction of the representative town hall took place in the post-war years of 1948-1949 according to plans by architect Jiří Jeřábek, with painted decoration by academic painter Rudolf Gajdoš. There was originally an elevated area in front of it that blocked the vision of drivers, so it was modified in 1966 to road level and a park was planted. There is a commemorative plaque in the arcade to the victims of World War II.

The ceremonial hall also went through changes and was opened again in 1989 after a renovation that also added a preparation room for wedding guests. A new meeting hall of the city council has been set up in the building, which also serves the Civil Affairs Corps. Over the past ten years, the City Hall has undergone several renovations including new windows, roofing and facade repairs. The last modification was the restoration of the sgraffito by the grandson of the creator, Pavel Doležal. The building houses the offices of the city council and a post office that was set up in 1871, which was equipped with a telegraph station in 1904. From the inner courtyard, one can enter general practitioner offices.