The main international road No. 54 from Austerlitz to Brno via Kyjov and Veselí nad Moravou goes to New Town in Váh in Slovakia. There is also a regional road leading through Vacenovice to Ratíškovice, where it continues to the road II. Class 432 leading from Holešov to Kroměříž and Kyjov to Hodonín.

Vracov is situated on the railway line from Brno to Veselí nad Moravou, which is on the timetable under number 340. From the nearby railway station in Bzenec there is a short line 342, thanks to which there is a connection with the main line number 330 from Břeclav to Přerov.

The nearest airport with regular public transport is located in Brno-Tuřany (approx. 55 km); for Kunovice (approx. 25 km) you can also use for occasional transport (charter, business or private flights).

How to get there

By car

In the direction from Brno you will drive along the D1 motorway to the exit No. 210 towards Uherské Hradiště, continue along the 1st class road No. 50 to Slavkov u Brna and turn on the first class road No. 54.

In the direction of Central and Northern Morava you will go either along the II. Class No. 432 to Kyjov, where you turn to the 1st class road No. 54 in the direction of Veselí nad Moravou or along the 1st class road No. 55 to Veselí nad Moravou, where you turn on the 1st class road No. 54 in the direction of Kyjov.

By bus

With towns and cities in the Kyjov, Hodonín and Veselí nad Moravou regions, Vracov is connected by bus to five regional lines on business days. The busiest bus service is provided on the Kyjov-Vracov-Bzenec route, some of these buses going to Veselí nad Moravou. Bus connections with Hodonín are also provided several times a day.

In addition, the buses of the Veselí nad Moravou - Kyjov - Hodonín - Brno - Prague bus line are also busy, but only on the given days.

By train

At the Vracov railway stop, trains run in every direction, and at around one hour per day, with frequent trains and passenger trains changing regularly. Most of the passenger trains run on the Brno - Veselí na Moravou and back route, some are extended until Uherské Hradiště.

Horseracing trains also run on the Brno - Veselí nad Moravou and back route, but most of them continue in the direction of Bojkovice, Bylnice or Vlárský Průsmyk.

In the afternoon hours of work days, the operation of the above category of trains is also completed by the regional trains on the Kyjov - Bzenec - Moravský Písek route within two hours. This ensures direct connection to the main railway line from Břeclav to Přerov.