History of Vracov, traditions, winemaking, Vracov costume.

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Vracov Feasts

The traditional Vracov feast with a wreath and duck are held every year in Vracov. The people of Vracov organize it on the third weekend in October. Vracov feasts are the biggest feasts in the whole Czech Republic. Traditionally, there are about 500 costumed people involved.

Now we would like to illustrate how such feasts play out. They are held every Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, the main characters are young, unmarried couples. On Sunday, everything centers around old aged, married couples.

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Vracov harvest festival

At the end of August, the Vracov harvest festival is regularly held. This harvest and summer's end celebration is observed not only by the Vracov folklore ensembles but by the whole city and all lovers of folk traditions as well.

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Vracov costume

The creation of Vracov's costume dates back to the end of the 17th century. The oldest description of Vracov's costume was left by Jiří Demscher in Bzenec on 14 June1836. A newer description dates back to 1889 and is documented by photographs by Professor Josef Klvaňa, who worked from 1899 as the director of a grammar school in Kyjov.

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Life without wine was almost unthinkable. Wine was not only a refreshing drink, but also helped with maintaining the overall health. A piece of bread and a mug of wine, along with a piece of smoked bacon, was a major part of the town's diet during work on fields, meadows and vineyards. Winemaking was at the forefront of the interests of the Vracov population. The vineyard was and is more than a symbolic link to the past.